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15 Tips to make your Kitchen from Shit to Wow

Has your kitchen outlook turned boring? Don’t you feel excited any more while working in the kitchen? Surely, your kitchen needs a remodeling not only to impress you but also the visitors who are coming for the dinner at your place. Here are 15 tips that will make your kitchen turn from shit to wow.

Tips to make your Kitchen from Shit to Wow.

1. Jars

Whenever you buy cereals, rice, spices and other similar products for your kitchen; make sure to put them up in clean and crystal clear jars. No matter they come in plastic packaging, but emptying the contents in jars will make sure that your kitchen does not turn out to be messy.

2. Go Green

Put the herbs like basil, coriander and parsley in a jar of water. Place them in your kitchen adding a natural element to your kitchen. You can use these herbs to garnish your food at the time of dinner.

3. Fancy Mineral Bottles

You should not let your guests know that you drink water directly from water tap. Put some mineral water in the fancy bottles in your refrigerator and whenever your guests arrive, just serve them from the bottles leaving a great impression on them.

4. Paper Napkins

You should have a decent set of napkins to be put in your kitchen. Bad quality napkins create a negative impression of your personality.

5. Tea

Make sure you have at least 10 types of tea in your cupboard to serve your visitors. Cinnamon, Lemongrass, cardamom, jasmine, lemon and mandarin, peppermint, lady grey, chamomile etc. should always be there up in your list so that your visitors can be left surprised with a long list to choose from.

6. Counter-top Lightning

Opt for xenon bulbs of different lengths and sizes to be placed over the islands or countertops. They are inexpensive and cooler than halogen bulbs.

7. Ceiling Lights

If your ceiling mount is way too old and needs replacement; opt for steel, white and rustic elements. It will give a contemporary feeling and add a new element to the outlook of your kitchen.

8. Choose that suits others

No matter if you like decorative and lavish stuff, opt for the products that add value to your kitchen and appeals to the people who visit you.

9. Construction Dust

If you have a small kitchen and there is little space for the construction dust to move out while remodeling the kitchen then opt for a box fan to be put in a window so that it helps to suck out the dust.

10. Hammering

While fixing electrical and plumbing issues, instead of using a sledging hammer to a dry wall use small hammer to make holes behind the wall.

11. Cabinets

If you want to remove the cabinets from the wall, unscrew them and use sledge hammer so that cabinets can be reused.

12. Appliances

If you do not have a high budget, then shop for scratch and dent appliances. They are affordable and can be used in the best manner to add beauty to your kitchen.

13. Slabs

If you are thinking of changing the kitchen slabs, then without much thought you should run to the granite seller as that will save up to 30% of your total cost.

14. Free services

If you wish to change the existing cabinets and other wooden furniture of your kitchen, look for free services from a retailer who offers you to prepare a layout and take measurements with no additional charges.

15. Flooring

Stone flooring s believed to be the most durable in long run. Change your existing flooring from tiles or wooden one to stone. Undoubtedly, it will incur high cost but will surely make you save money as no replacement is required for years.

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