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Amazing kitchen decor items that are worth buying

When it comes to home decor, kitchen is often the last on the list probably because most people regard kitchen as just a functional space. However, this thought process is now changing with the kitchen being integrated as part of the main house. Some of us opt for open kitchens in our homes which further blurs the boundary between spaces.

Some of us also acknowledge that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen and hence the need to decorate it just like the rest of the house. Let’s have a look at some of the elements of design and decor items in the kitchen that can be bought and used to create a totally new look.


If your kitchen tiles are not the designer ones, you need not worry. You can still give your kitchen a new look with wall stickers. These pvc vinyl stickers can be stuck on the tile in a pattern. Choose patterns like fruits, vegetables, kitchen ladles etc which will be in harmony with the kitchen environment. Choose the color of these stickers carefully to ensure that they match with the rest of the decor.

kitchen decorating item sticker from amazon.

You can buy it from amazon here.

Kitchen Towels

You could soften the kitchen interiors by using linen like table mats, aprons, kitchen towels etc. These add colour and quirkiness to the decor. You can go in for materials that have prints of things used in kitchen like ladles or vegetables or some food related quotes.

Amazing kitchen towels from snapdeal.

You can buy it from snapdeal here.


For long, containers in the kitchen were reused ones and hence kept hidden inside the cupboards. These days very attractive containers are available which call for a place of display. Go for glass or metal ones since plastic is passe. You will get a lot of variety within these which will add to the look of the kitchen.

Containers for kitchen.

You can buy this container from ebay here.


Knives, scissors etc that are used frequently can be different from the regular boring ones. Try this bicycle shaped pizza cutter in the kitchen decor.

Unique cycle design pizza cutter for kitchen from pepperfry.

You can buy this product from pepperfry here.

Shelves and open cupboards

Open shelves with fancy brackets are also decor elements. Whether you put out boxes or keep some souvenirs on them is totally your choice. Also use them to put the finest china that you have. Make space for kitchen linen as well.

Dashing Shelves and open cupboards for kitchen from amazon.

You can buy this cupboard from amazon here.

Potted herbs

Small pots with pre-potted herbs can be bought to add a zing of green in the kitchen. Not to  mention the availability of fresh herbs for cooking. The pots themselves can be fancy looking or you can paint them yourself so that even if not blooming, they are good to look at. Te size can depend on the space available.

Buy Potted herbs from pepperfry.

You can buy it from pepperfry here.


Not many people associate lamps with kitchen but if you have an open kitchen or if your dining area is integrated with the kitchen then you can think of lamps. There should always be enough light in the kitchen but using lamps will add the element of mood lighting. You can install some pull down lamp which can illuminate the exact space.

Lightning lamp from amazon to buy.

You can buy it from amazon here.

Wind  Chimes

Hang a chime near the kitchen window and enjoy the soft musical sound with the breeze.

Wind Chimes for kitchen decor.

You can buy this wind chimes from amazon here.

Book Stand

Most people refer to cook books while cooking something different from the regular food. Instead of piling these books in the cupboard, you can display them with pride in your kitchen. You can further get a book stand to keep one of the books. A wrought iron one looks best. It is minimalist in design and with little ornate flowers and squiggles, it looks good even without the book in it.

Book stand for kitchen.

You can buy this stand from touchofclass from here.

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  1. Really its an amazing idea for decorating our kitchens, specifically the first one – Stickers. Thanks for your tips.

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