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6 Best Tips to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

With number of options available on internet on how to paint kitchen cabinets, there are chances that some important steps go ignored while. Here are some tips which would help on how to paint your kitchen cabinets. With these steps, make your cabinets long lasting, accurately painted with uniformity and recreational work speaks up for its beauty.

Best Tips to Paint Kitchen Cabinets.

How to paint kitchen cabinets

1. Best cabinet surface to paint is wood

Laminates are not a good choice to apply on the cabinets if you wish to overcome the problem of scratches and stains. Wooden Cabinets can look best when you apply paints. Before applying paint directly, you should clean the cabinet with sand paper so that whole paint is removed. Also, if the glossy layer exists on the surface then you should de-gloss that surface. Apply the paint of your choice and your cabinet is ready.
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2. Preparation is mandatory like painting the surface

Before straight away going to paint the cabinet surface, empty the contents from the cabinet and clean with a cotton cloth thoroughly. Make sure that dirt and grease is properly removed from the surfaces. Also, remove all hardware like knobs, drawers, handles and all the belongings of cabinets. Carefully tape off the paint free areas like countertops and appliances and finally apply sand paper on cabinets.

3. Applying primer is difficult but necessary

Priming is crucial step of painting. At the time of buying a primer, opting for all-in one primer and paint products might prove to be a bad option. These products won’t work well on the cabinets. Among wide range of available products, oil-primer is best to apply on cabinets. It gives long lasting impact and dries up very quickly. You can add extender that gives more time to you to have a great finishing on the cabinets without any kind of brush marks.

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4. Pay attention while choosing colour of the cabinets

If the existing colour of your cabinets is dark and you want to move ahead for lighter colors, it is best to application of primer is necessary to have final light colour. Moreover, if the color is very light say, cream or white; double coating of primer is always advisable to have an impact of proper color on the cabinet.

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5. Choose quality paint for long lasting impact

Even if you are moving with tight budget, best option is to delay the process. Do not buy cheaper paint for kitchen cabinets. Always go for quality paint on cabinets as they are long lasting and easy to get rid of dirt and grease. After selection of paint color of your choice, use brush to apply paint and apply at least two coats of the paint on the cabinets. After this, ventilate the room and switch on the fan so that it can easily be dried up. Paint the cabinets in light to have clear vision of paint colour.

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6. Semi-gloss and glossy paints on kitchen cabinets

Cabinets should be in such a condition that they can easily be wiped out if the dirt and grease is applied at any time. Thus it is advisable to apply glossy paints on the kitchen cabinets. They are also long lasting.

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