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Clever kitchen ideas to improve kitchen

Your kitchen can be a neglected part of the house or can be given the due importance as an integral part of the house. After all it is the center of all activities. Some people acknowledge this fact and integrate the kitchen with the dining area by making it an open kitchen. Even if you are unable to change the basic layout and design of your kitchen, you can still use some clever hacks to improve your kitchen.

These will not only make the kitchen look better but also make it a better place to work in. Some ideas to perk up the kitchen are enumerated below so read on..

1. A paint job

The first impression of the kitchen is made by the colors on its walls and floor. A fresh coat of paint on the walls is a quick and sure shot way of adding to its looks. Choose a pleasing color that matches well with the floor tiles and the countertop. If you have tiles on the walls and you do not wish to change them, you can paste stickers on them. Kitchen themed stickers are available in various sizes and colors. You can choose something that blends well with your kitchen and see how it drastically improves the looks.

2. Storage

The truth about storage is that however much you cater for, you will always find yourself wishing there was more. Non availability of proper storage leads to the kitchen looking cluttered so it is ideal if you can make space for everything. Impossible that it sounds, it certainly is not that way and a lot can be cleverly and least kept away from sight.

i. Consider an inbuilt chopping board with pull out feature. For this you just need to add a handle on one end of the board. without giving anything on the sides so it is easy to clean and work on. Below this, make a long pull out drawer which can hold the garbage bin. The chopping board can have a circular cut out on one end to push all the waste directly into the bin.

ii. If you are short on counter space, make a pull out table. This can be designed with castors such that is can fit in perfectly below the counter and can be taken out whenever you need more counter space. The area under the table can be further utilized in the form of a fixed chest of drawers.

iii. Customize the drawers so that they are best suited to your requirements. For instance, you can have a drawer where you have 2-3 rows for making your spice jars lie down at an angle. This way it is easy to locate what exactly you need while cooking and the space too is utilized to the maximum.

iv. Replace wooden cabinet doors with glass ones (both clear and frosted are welcome). This will make the kitchen look bigger and organized. Further add lights in cupboards which illuminate when opened for sophistication.

3. Lighting

Try to increase the window opening to let maximum natural light in and replace frosted glass with clear glass. Artificial light too should be adequate and especially the work top should be well lit. The lighting fixtures also dictate the way the kitchen looks so choose wisely.

4. Make it green

A quick and simple way to improve the kitchen looks is by placing potted plants. A window box or simple counter top herbal garden can make a lot of difference to the looks not to mention the availability of fresh herbs for cooking.

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