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DIY Tips to make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

‘I wish I had some more space’ or ‘I wish the kitchen was little bigger’ – these are often heard of statements. The actual size of the kitchen does not really matter because at some point or the other, our requirements increase and it does start appearing small to us.

Well, it is not always practical and possible to renovate and actually make the kitchen bigger but it is always possible to do things and make the kitchen look bigger. If you have a small kitchen and wish to give the illusion of it being bigger than it actually is, read on for some tips.

DIY Tips to make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger.

1. Magic with colors

Colors make a lot of difference to the feel of the space and this includes its size as well. Use lighter colors and the space starts appearing bigger. Try not to use too many different shades and stick to one to make the area feel seamless. This does not apply to walls only. Ensure that your walls, floors, the cupboards, the fittings etc are all in the same color tone.

There can be minor shade difference but keeping the same color means having less contrast and this does help in creating the feeling of bigger than what it is.

2. Let in lots of light

A well lit kitchen looks bigger too. Whether it is natural light or lamps, ensure that there are enough. Artificial light should ideally be white light. Choose the lamp fitting with care – heavily decorated one will look out of place in a small kitchen. Similarly painting the kitchen with white will help because it will reflect more light and make the room brighter.

3. Emphasize on the vertical space

If you can make the eye move vertical rather than horizontal you will make it look bigger. For this, use stripes or elongated patterns. A rug with stripes on the floor will make the floor appear bigger. Similarly create drama with existing accessories and make the eye move lengthwise.

4. Organize it

Clutter adds to the crowded feeling. You should have ample storage space in the kitchen and a place for everything. It will be ideal if all your storage is away from sight – neatly hidden in cupboards. Even if things have to kept on the counter, make sure they look organized and are piled up together.

You can repurpose old jars, boxes, trays etc to hold your cutlery and other kitchen items. Let there be a simple vase or a potted green kept on the counter. This will become the focus in the absence of other necessities.

5. Keep it simple

When the space is at premium, go in for straight simple lines. Do away with heavily detailed and ornate things. Put blinds instead of floral curtains. choose furniture that is small and kind of bare. Smooth straight lines instead of curls will be beneficial.

6. Make it transparent

As far as possible use glass. Replace chunky wooden doors in cupboards with glass. Not only with this lighten up the space, it will also make it feel bigger. If possible use open shelves for storage. The ones which can be supported without a bracket are ideal for small spaces. Just arrange them in a pattern one under the other so that the entire wall is not occupied.

The secret with making a small kitchen look bigger is to allow for ample breathing spaces. When it is a bigger look that you demand, you need to think of organizing the kitchen and displaying only a select few things.

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