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Effective ideas to Decorate Small Kitchens

Often when there is a space crunch in homes, it is the kitchens and the bathrooms that are the worst hit spaces. You try to cut corners here so as to have a larger living spaces. Just because the kitchen is small does not mean that it cannot be a beautiful space. There are many ways in which you can decorate a small kitchen and make it a practical as well as a beautiful space.

Effective ideas to Decorate Small Kitchens.

Some ideas that you can execute in your small kitchen are given below.

1. Design the space

The first thought after seeing a small space is to somehow make it larger. This can be done by knocking off some walls, limiting the extra storage cupboards etc. You might not be able to knock off an entire wall but you can try to integrate the dining area with the kitchen either by removing the entire wall between the two or by removing half of it and creating another platform. The kitchen door can definitely be taken out and it will surprise you as to how much difference it can make.

2. The Color Palette

A small space calls for pastel shades because darker colors make the space look even smaller while lighter shades reflect light and create a feeling of more space. Often the material used in kitchens is ceramic tiles which come in a larger variety of colors and shades.

Choose pastel shades or leave the walls white. Even the woodwork in the kitchen should have lighter tones. If going for patterned tiles, ensure that the patterns are not very big. The plain tiles on the walls can be defined by placing a pattern tile in the border. For flooring use large tiles in light shades. Do not to have too many different patterns in the wall and floor tiles within the same area.

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3. Create ample storage space

Storage is a big issue with all kitchen and if the space is small then this becomes an even more important issue. Look for places where storage can be created. Create pull out drawers, shelves and revolving trolleys under the counter top so as to have a place for everything.

Some of the kitchen things can also be kept outside on display so open shelves and racks are a good option. Replace wooden doors on cupboards with glass so as to create a feeling of more space.

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4. Practical decor

Glass shelves with small brackets, a set of hooks etc are some accessories that can add to the decor of the kitchen while being practical. You can get glass shelves with wrought iron brackets that do not require much space. tastefully designed set of hooks too is an important element in the kitchen. You can use it to hang aprons, bags etc so that the kitchen looks well arranged.

5. Window garden

It might be a good idea to place a small window box and create a little herb garden in it. You could also use it to plant flowers which will surely add to the beauty of the kitchen. Hanging planters can also be placed near windows such that they get ample sun and bloom.

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6. Magnetic board

Often bits of paper are strewn about the kitchen which include a list of things to do, a new found recipe, menu of the dinner party etc. These can easily be put on a magnetic board which itself can be placed on the inside of the cupboard door or behind the fridge. The magnets themselves can be attractive decor elements.

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