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Golden Kitchen Designs, Ideas, Cabinets, Pictures

Luxury thy name is Gold. Take a big breath and imagine your kitchen with a soft golden glow, shimmering and shiny. Gold is the ultimate definition of opulence and luxury. Bling is definitely in. Glitzy or sober the metallic glaze redefines decadence in your kitchen.

Gold encompasses shades like champagne, golden yellow on the subtle side and brightens to shiny metallic hues on the other side of the spectrum.

Golden kitchen decorating ideas

Golden kitchen decorating ideas

Adding Glitz to the kitchen

Adding glitz to your kitchen is quite easy. Golden hues have made a huge comeback in recent times.  A gold colour scheme and can add a surprise element liven up your kitchen immediately.

Paint the walls a subtle champagne gold and team it with brown granite countertops and a warm dark wood floor. Add a bright gold backsplash, sink and fittings in gold. A black and gold chimney can add drama to the kitchen.

Latest Gold kitchen design ideas

Latest Gold kitchen design ideas

Just remember to tone down the bright metallic accents to avoid a brash finish to the kitchen, “A little bling goes a long way in jazzing up the kitchen. So be careful not to go overboard when adding golden hues to your kitchen”. Says Pooja Bagri of Bagri Interiors.

Pooja adds,” judiciously used gold gives a decadent look, but going overboard with this colour is definitely not classy. In fact it is quite the opposite.

“A bright gold wall finish with black cabinets, countertops, flooring and accessories can make a strong style statement.  Add accents of red or dark blue to tone the hue down or use gold plated faucets and accessories to add more bling,” adds Zaman Of Mark Interiors.

Colour combinations with gold

Gold creates drama in combination with black.  Gold walls and black cabinets, black countertops and gold metallic finish accessories and appliances are a great combination.

Gold walls with black countertops and a pale wooden floor with gold tones and a gold backsplash looks classy. Where a pale gold is subtle and classy a bright metallic gold can be bold and dramatic. Showy kitchens are often built with these vibes.

Red also works well as an accent with gold. Red walls and accents with Gold cabinets and flooring with a neutral countertop looks stunning. Add gold accents and gold accessories and Voila! Decadent kitchen décor is created.

Greens are also great accompaniments with a paler gold shade. Dark green works well with pale gold walls. A lighter shade of green complements darker or brighter hues of gold. Gold walls with green granite, malachite or marble countertop, with gold accessories and appliances is balanced beautifully with dark wood flooring.

Blue and purple can also be used with gold to create a royal look in your kitchen.

Balance is necessary

We have talked about the various permutations and combinations that can be achieved with gold. But, we should always remember that the key to using such a strong colour is balance. If your décor is matched to your colour palette then you can create a stunner of a kitchen. So, enjoy your royal kitchen!

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