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10 Green Kitchen Design Ideas, Cabinets, Pictures

Have you ever wondered why the feel of the room changes with the colour scheme? All colors have a feel. We will talk about the colour green and its impact on the kitchen color scape. Green is a colour associated with fertility, freshness, rebirth, health and wellbeing.

It is a naturally soothing and purifying colour. It is also the color which denotes nature or natural. It is obviously the first colour we want to associate with food. So design a kitchen predominantly with green shades to add freshness to your home.

Green is one of the most lovable colors that people love to have in their home. Green Kitchen is a popular theme that people like to have in their home. The green color is associated with nature, freshness, growth, renewal, rebirth and more.

Kitchen can have several color combinations with green insights of white, black, yellow, blue, red and more. Some of the top green kitchen designs we have brought today that you will definitely like to share with your friends.

Green Kitchens

Luxury green kitchen designs photo.

Luxury green kitchen designs

Beautiful green kitchen interior design ideas.

Beautiful green kitchen interior design ideas

Professional Australian interior designer Michael Holding said, “Green is an easy colour to design with. As it is closest to neutral colours and is in itself a soft color, we can opt for a soft palette or make the colors bold with emerald or dark green combined with muted yellows, browns and wood colors.”

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His green kitchen interior is inspired by the colours of Autumn. Green soapstone counters with dark wood flooring and glass fronted cabinets with pale gold shelving. Holding brings the outdoors into the kitchen, adding a freshness that is stunning.

Awesome green color kitchen decorating idea.

Awesome green color kitchen decorating idea

Best green interior design for home kitchen.

Best green interior design for home kitchen

Decorator Ema Edward has a different approach to a green kitchen. She believes, “Green natural stones are easy to work with and are very easy to maintain. Complement a white floor and walls with green granite countertops and cabinets. Maybe add a stained glass window in various shades of green to create a garden like effect”.

Light green colour kitchen decorating ideas.

Light green colour kitchen decorating ideas

Elegant green kitchen interior decor picture.

Elegant green kitchen interior decor

Green walls and cabinets can be set off with brown countertops, pale pinewood flooring and a dramatic orange hood chimney to bring a festive look to the kitchen. A dramatic and edgy look can be created by assembling  Chartreuse green cabinets with white walls and a black countertop, the accessories and appliances could be varying shades of green.

Splendid green kitchen design tips.

Splendid green kitchen design

Soft greens with leafy prints on the wallpaper, printed tile backsplashes, table cloths and napkins could create a soft look which can be complemented with large windows looking out on a green patch, accentuating the feel of a rain washed morning.

Lovely green kitchen design ideas.

Lovely green kitchen design ideas

Lots of natural light and well placed artificial lights can add to the fresh feel of a green colored kitchen. Green islands with green painted furniture and cushions add charm. Appliances like the refrigerator and stove coupled with green coloured cookware can also add splashes of colour to the kitchen.

Contemporary green kitchen designs picture.

Contemporary green kitchen designs

Maybe the easiest way to add green to your kitchen is to include leafy potted plants in the corners. Green creepers trailing over the window rails and the upper shelves can look really pretty. A few blue vases with plenty of green foliage also create a close to nature look.

Traditional kitchen interior decor in green color.

Traditional kitchen interior decor in green color

Blue, yellow and cream change the feel of the green shades used in your kitchen. The latest trends lean towards creating a green wall with wall mounted planters. This wall looks so alive with plants and profusion of flowers that the look and feel of the kitchen is transformed.

And last but not the least; add eco-friendly energy saving tools to your kitchen to make it truly green!

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