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How to Build Cool Kitchen Environment

It’s summer season and temperature is at the extreme level. Day by day heat and humidity is increasing but still our mother, wife cook food for us in those extreme heating conditions of 42, 45 degrees Celsius temperature. Then stove flames also increase temperature in kitchen. Hence here are some brilliant ideas to keep kitchen environment cool and let our ladies even stand properly in the space to prepare food.

How to Build Cool Kitchen Environment for hot summers.

Ways to bring coolness into kitchen

1. Use light color walls

Light kitchen color walls are helpful to keep some control over hot environment. Dark colors like black, red, brown are known to attract energy whereas white, blue, green are light colors which don’t absorb heat too much. So these colors can be used to paint walls and maybe kitchen cabinets are also of these light color combos.

2. Install Chimney

Chimney is the biggest appliance or object you can say to use for bringing coolness into the space. Just install T-shape kitchen chimney above to the gas stove and it will absorb all the heat generated by flames during the cooking food.

3. Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fan on the window is also a great way to keep kitchen environment calm and cool. It throws out the smoke from kitchen window when you are preparing some oily food on the stove.

Exhaust fan brings coolness in kitchen.

4. Table Fan

To give relief to cook, we can introduce table fan in the kitchen. It will help a lot to our mother to get some breeze while she is full with sweat in high temperature summer conditions.

5. Air Conditioner

An Air Conditioner (AC) can also be introduced in the kitchen to provide some extraordinary relief to the cook. But there are concerns over using AC in kitchen. The extreme heat in kitchen, will give lot of load to air conditioner which might not be good for it to work fine. Hence if you want to use AC, you should have chimney, exhaust fan in the kitchen so that less heat will be there for air conditioner to deal with.

Do you have some more ideas to bring coolness in the kitchen? Then don’t hesitate to share with us in comment section.

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