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How to introduce new color schemes in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often neglected from the decorating wave. The decor ideas get highlighted for the living, dining or bedroom which is often privy to guests also. The growing trend of having open kitchens which flow into the dining space is making the kitchen decor a part of the general decor of the house.

Adding color schemes temporarily

It is not necessary to add multiple colors to the colour scheme of the kitchen permanently. It is a place where the home maker spends the maximum time. It is quite natural that the color scheme gets boring and monotonous after a while. There are ways to add color in expensively and with minimum fuss.

New color schemes for kitchen decor

Just adding new decor ideas like a vibrant artwork on your kitchen wall or making a small vase or accessory corner may make a difference in colour palettes. A vivid backsplash can also be a focal decor point. This can also conveniently be a façade for a less attractive corner. The bright colors used in this area will immediately lift the mood and feel of the kitchen.

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Putting up a new bright colour appliance can introduce anther color. For example if you have a beige kitchen you may add a cherry red refrigerator to create a new theme.

Fresh flowers or a little greenery can also add temporary colors to your kitchen. Green vines with colourful flowers can be trained to grow across the window or a corner cabinet creating a multi-hued impact and freshen the kitchen area.

White color scheme photos for kitchen design

Introducing colour in a neutral colour kitchen

It is common myth that white, cream, taupe, beige colour walls make for a boring kitchen. In fact it is the perfect foil to add multiple colors. Color can be introduced in many subtle ways.

Flooring can be a complementary color. A rich wooden flooring can brighten up your kitchen and add depth to a neutral wall color. Counter tops can be in complementary colors too. A warm brown or speckled granite counter top can be the perfect accent to light colored walls.

Green color scheme for kitchen decor

If you have tiles on your walls then you may add a multi-colour insert in strategic places to create a different look. You may also use two tones of the same colour, for example a lighter blue along with a darker shade to create a more attractive look.

Multi toned kitchen cabinets

New age veneers and laminates have come as a boon to decorators. These brightly colored and many textured laminates create a vibrant look. You may choose to add cabinets in two colours which are either complementary or contrasting with the color on your walls to create a bright ambience. For example a warm off-white wall paired with a rich red and black cabinets can make a bold colour statement in your kitchen.

Latest blue color scheme for kitchen interior design

This is an inexpensive way to completely overhaul your kitchen’s decor by introducing multiple colour variations. Let us remember hat it is also cheaper to change the laminate than changing the cabinets!

Accents in bold colours

If you are blessed with an eclectic personality don’t be shy in expressing yourself with bold colors. Add bar stools, kitchen stools, towels, accessories like can openers, enamelled utensils, copper pans, cook books and other small items in pop up colors like electric blue, lime green, hot pink etc in small splashes to create a fun look.

These add multiple colours to your drab kitchen and create a fun ambience, making the kitchen a fun place to work in.

Colourful textiles

A lot of colors can be incorporated in the kitchen decor by displaying colorful textiles. An attractive rail with display of colorful and tasteful kitchen towels, a colourful kitchen wall hanging or a smart set of dusters can add to the small pops of color.


Kitchens are slowly becoming the domain of the homemaker as domestic helps become rarer and rarer with every passing day. It deserves to be an attractive place with a distinct decor theme. Colors can be incorporated judiciously and as per individual choice.

A lot of small tips can be used to create a delightful and vivid space which is the focal room of the house. After all, a family that eats together is a family that stays together!

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