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Top Kitchen decorating ideas for summer

Interior decor should vary as per the season so that your living space is in sync with the season outdoor. A change in decor brings in a freshness in our homes with the help of some new elements. The same applies to the kitchen as well. Not many pay much attention to kitchen interiors but the space that is the hearth of the home should be treated with the same attention as the rest of the spaces.

Top Kitchen decorating ideas for summer.

It is not even difficult to make the kitchen ready for the summer – all you need is some very simple ideas that can be executed easily.

1. A fresh paint job

Its time to change the way the kitchen looks. A coat of summer colors like pastel green, blue or bright yellow will help it resonate the brightness outside. You might not want to paint the entire kitchen so just a little paint on the niches or in the kitchen cabinet will do the needful.

Awesome paint for kitchen decoration.

2. Open up the kitchen

Celebrate summer season by opening up the kitchen. Plan outdoor lunches and dinners and prepare the kitchen accordingly to avoid frequent movement from inside to outside. For outdoor cook outs, you can create a foldable platform with ample storage under it. This can be an extension of the counter top across the window. Further change the wooden doors to glass ones to bring the freshness of summer inside the kitchen.

3. Say it with flowers

The barren landscape outside is green and colorful with the onset of summers. Bring these flowers inside the kitchen too. Change the existing drapes with floral pattern ones. Other kitchen linen like table mats, covers etc too can be replaced with floral ones. Floral wall decals too can be used for similar effect.

Fresh flowers for kitchen.

4. Wall hangings and paintings

Paintings of flowers and fruits can be hung on the walls. If you do not wish to add extra frames on the walls, you can paint on the window glazing. A spray of flowers or a bunch of fruits can also have the effect.

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5. Jars and candles

Large glass jars and candles can become decor elements. Fill the jars with things like dry flowers and pods or with shells or with large colored beads and keep them on the kitchen counter. Similarly large pillar candles also add to the decor.

Jars to decorate kitchen.

6. Potted greens

In summers the flowers are blooming. Better still, grow some of your own in small pots. You can use small pots in bright colors and grow greens in them. Place them near the window to ensure they get enough sunlight. You could also plant terrariums and hang the pots.

7. Wicker and cane

Nothing spells summer better then light cane and wicker. Add some pieces of furniture made with wicker in the kitchen. If there is no space for chairs and bar stools, you can bring cane baskets of different sizes in your kitchen. They can either be used for storage or for plain decoration.

Wicker kitchen chairs to decorate kitchen.

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8. Lighting

In winters you would like to recreate a cozy kitchen with warm colors and yellow light while in summers the same needs to be replaced with white light. Pay attention to the lighting fixture also. It can easily be changed into ones cool looking ones apt for the summers.

9. Fresh flowers

You can bring the summer inside by placing cut flowers in vase. These will need to be changed on a regular basis. In the absence of fresh flowers, use artificial paper or tissue flowers for the same look.

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