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How to organize kitchen in budget

Browsing through some of the absolutely gorgeous pictures of kitchens around the world, you must be  wondering how much is spent on them. The truth is that even if those kitchens took a fortune, you can design yours on a budget and it will not look too different from those dream kitchens.

How to organize kitchen in budget.

The secret to all good looking kitchens is organizing the clutter – if you can have a designated space for all the things that you use in the kitchen then half the battle is won. With a knack for DIY stuff you can surely try out some things on your own over weekends to organize the clutter. Let’s have a look at some of the tricks that you can utilize in the kitchen when on a budget.

1. Cutlery drawer

Storing spoons, forks and knives in a container on the counter should be stopped immediately. instead, organize a pull out drawer to store them. All you need to do is create smaller partitions in the drawer so as to segregate the different types of cutlery. These partitions can be made with cardboard or with thin strips of wood.

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2. Tool board

Knives, scissors, cutters, ladles, etc are the tools used in the kitchen. These can be arranged properly on a tool board. Fix a thin strip of wood on the wall and put some nails on it. Use these for hanging the tools. The size of this board can vary depending on your individual requirement.

3. Magnetic bottle holder

Most of the bottles have a metallic cap which means that they can be stuck with a magnet. On a piece so wood, stick large magnets in a pattern. Place this on the wall. You can use this to attach all your spice bottles etc. You would have freed up your cupboard space by doing this. Just remember to mark the bottom of the bottle with the name of the spice or product inside it.

4. Clip on storage

Use the inside of the cupboard door to place clip-on storage board. Plastic clips used to hold mop handles are easily available in the market. Get a couple of those and fix them on the inner side of the cupboard door. Now use them to clip the thinner spice bottles. Not only does this organize the spice rack it also helps you locate the bottles easily instead of rummaging through the entire cupboard.

5. Storing rolls

Foils and kitchen towels are available as rolls. Often due to faulty storage a lot goes waste. Fix two clips on the door. The distance between them depends on the size of the roll. The cylindrical cardboard of the roll gets fixed on these clips and you can easily remove as much as length as you want.

6. Under the sink

Place a wire mesh caddy under the sink to keep soaps, detergents and any extra supplies in the kitchen.

7. Shoe bag storage

A hanging shoe organizer is easily available in any store. Buy this for the kitchen and instead of shoes, store bottles in each of the pockets. Made with plastic or canvas, it does not take up much space. You can hang it behind the kitchen door or inside the kitchen cupboard. It is an easy and quick way of creating a lot of storage where none exists.

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Most of the above tricks can be done easily as a DIY project or they can be bought at any of the home stores. They are all budget ideas that can organize your kitchen.

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