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8 Smart Kitchen Countertop Storage Solutions

Most of the work in the kitchen gets done on the countertop. As a person who works regularly in the kitchen, you must be wanting to have all the things within reach. This often means that a lot of things are stored on the countertop. In simple terms, it means a cluttered kitchen.

8 Smart Kitchen Countertop Storage Solutions.

There are ways in which you can have the things on the counter without them messing the appearance of the kitchen. Some of the smart storage solutions for the kitchen countertop are:

1. A tray

Place all the things that you need for say cooking in a tray and place it near the counter. Whatever is needed during everyday cooking like oil, sugar, salt etc can be placed on this and put back on this after use. The tray can be a plastic one or a wooden one or any material depending on your choice.

2. Cake stand

Reuse a cake stand for storage. You can use a single stand or you could arrange a few one on top of the other for tiered storage. A single one can be placed near the sink with the soap, hand wash, towel etc neatly arranged on it. A tiered one can be used as a spice rack and placed on the counter.

3. Slotted plate rack

Place a slotted plate rack either above the sink or on the drain board to store clean plates.

4. Glass jars

Place big glass jars on the counter with the kitchen tools in them. Instead of the spoons and ladles all over the place, store them in a large glass jar for aesthetic reasons. You could also create a storage drawer for the spoons.

5. Freestanding storage shelves

You can get elegant tiered shelves for storage. Often these have a wrought iron frame and a wooden shelf. You can place them on the countertop and put whatever you need to store on them. You could add some quirky decor element on this shelf just for creating interest.

6. Fruit and vegetable baskets

Cane baskets for storing fruits and vegetables have a rustic charm about them. They remind of a country kitchen if you keep them on your countertop. You could also repurpose wrought iron a magazine rack as a fruit or vegetable container. These can even be fixed to the wall and placed one under.

7. Window boxes

Window boxes are made in metal and are used for planting on the window sills. You could also use them as baskets inside the kitchen. These can be hung from a rail on the wall and used for storing fruits and vegetables. You could use a combination of different size of boxes to cater for different quantities.

8. Jars – Transparent glass jars or canisters with neat labels on them can be used to store pulses, grains and other grocery items. Choose jars which have a different look than the regular ones in the market. This will not only be good for storage but also add to the aesthetics and decor of the kitchen.

The secret to a well designed kitchen is not just in the basic work triangle but also in how it is kept. In this later part it is important that a lot of thought be given to the storage of the various things commonly used in the kitchen. Kitchen storage does not always refer to shelves and cupboards that keep things out of sight. It also refers to converting storage solutions into works of art by making them tasteful and beautiful.


  1. My mom had a wrought iron rack over her stove in her old house. It was ugly but served the purpose of storing her pots and pans. It was very handy to have all these cooking tools available within arm’s reach… even though it was not pleasing to the eye!

    • Kitchen Design Buzz

      OH yeah Lorraine,

      Offcourse our mother knows how to take out best from waste or ordinary thing. Organizing kitchen is not an easy job.

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