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Tips to choose right paint color for kitchens

Some interiors appeal to us more than others. If we pause to think, it is not just about the decor or the way the furniture is arranged, a very large part of this credit goes to the color. Yes, paint does play a huge role in the way we perceive a space. This fact holds true for all spaces including the kitchen.

For a very long time, color used in kitchen was not paid much attention to today, the kitchen is as important a place as any other space in the house. Home owners do pay extra attention to the colors used there. And yes it does not necessarily have to be white like it used to be.

Tips to choose right paint color for kitchens.

Choosing a color for your kitchen is a very personal choice. We all have our favorite colors so why compromise with the selection of color in a space? Always remember that its your space and what appeals to others might not appeal to you so its perfectly okay to go with your own color decisions. Having said this, it is important to understand some color facts so your choose between colors.

1. Theme of the kitchen

Just like other spaces in the house, your kitchen too needs to have a theme. Depending on this, your color palette is formed. If the kitchen is an open one like an extension of the dining area then the color choice should be in harmony with that of the dining area.

If it is a separate area then your interiors can point to a modern kitchen in which case the cooler blues will be perfect or a warm hearth in which case shades of yellow will do justice. You could also create a focus wall in a bright color like purple and the rest of the walls can be cream for a vibrant kind of theme.

2. Size of the kitchen

Selection of the paint color plays an important role in how the space is perceived in terms of its size. A small kitchen can look visually bigger if you use pastel colors and entire kitchen is in the same tones. Doing this blurs the boundaries between surfaces and the whole space looks like a seamless surface and hence bigger.

3. Experiment patch

The paint when it dries up looks different from what it is like in the brochure. Therefore it is a good idea to do a small test patch and double check that you are okay with the resultant color. A pink or a peach is generally not preferred in the kitchen but you can see how it looks in yours.

4. The constant element

There must be something in the kitchen which has be taken as constant in terms of its color. The granite cooking slab for instance cannot be changed to match the paint job. Therefore when selecting the colors make sure that they gel well with the stone slab. Green is one color that has so many shades and contrasts well with the woodwork as well as natural stones.

5. Lighting

When you pick up a color in the store, it looks the way it does because of the lighting conditions there. In your kitchen it might look different. You need to make sure that the color you select works well in the given lighting condition.

Though we have come a long way from plain white, it is still a good option to tie all the elements in the kitchen. The lack of color in a white kitchen can be compensated with a colorful backsplash or highlights in niches.

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