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Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Tips

In most homes, the kitchen is the central place – one around which the entire household gathers together for meals and forms bonds. There might be occasions where you might have felt the need to change the look of the kitchen or remodel it because you are ‘bored of the look’ or maybe you wish to ‘incorporate new features’. Whatever be the reasons there can be many ways in which you can remodel your kitchen.

Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Tips.

Kitchen remodeling tips

Functional change – Start with the work area. The location of the sink, the cooking top and the refrigerator should form a triangle as the experts believe that this works best for efficiency. You can go for an L-shaped layout or for an island kitchen for maximum efficiency.

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Storage – There is always a shortage of storage and those who work in the kitchen will vouch for this. While remodeling, make sure to provide for closed cabinets instead of open shelves. The cabinets can have glass doors to enable you to peep in and look at what is kept where. The area under the cooking counter is an excellent place for designing storage. Use the best quality hardware to ensure that the pull out drawers are always working smoothly.

Lighting – Often not paid due attention, lighting is an important aspect in kitchen design. This includes both natural and artificial light. Have a look at the existing lighting in the kitchen and ensure that the work top is sufficiently lit. While natural light is fine during the day time, at night there should be a separate source of light for the worktop. Also if the dining area is integrated with the kitchen, lighting should be provided for it as well.

Finishes – Walls and floors occupy a large part of the kitchen and to give your kitchen a new look. Tiles have proven to the best material for kitchen area and they are available in many colours and patterns so you will never be at a loss for choice. make sure you choose a contrasting backsplash. Some popular materials are stone, glass etc.

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Accessories – These are often important elements that complete the entire look. Accessories include things like handles and knobs for the cupboards, taps and fittings, lamps and lights etc. Also elements like kitchen linen, mats, towels etc add to the kitchen looks.

The zing element

You kitchen should be a reflection of your personality rather than the prevailing trends. Never rush to buy things to complete the remodeling job – you might as well wait patiently till you find what you feel is just perfect for the space. If you are on a budget, you can still make the kitchen look new with small things. Stickers on tile or even stencilling on plain tiles can bring the ‘designer’ as well as ‘personal’ element in the kitchen. Add a box planter at the window or small potted herbs on the slab work well to bring in the natural green in the kitchen.


  1. Thank you for the help. I am hoping to remodel my kitchen sometime in the near future. I love the idea of changing the lighting, as you mentioned. Lighting really affects the overall feel of the room. I will be sure to keep that in mind.

  2. I want to remodel my kitchen. Thanks for the advice about how lighting is an important aspect to any kitchen, and that it should have both natural and artificial lights. Another thing to consider is to get professional to help you with the remodel.

  3. Thanks for sharing your tips. I will be remodeling my entire house specially kitchen next year. Cheers

  4. I will be remodeling my kitchen next year but i prefer mint green color for walls and cabinet and ooh also i do like tiles but I prefer woods.. would this be ok? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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