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9 Ways to Go “Green” in Kitchen

Everyone wants to reduce the bills or expenses. Thus, to lower down your utility bills, kitchen is the best area to go green even if you are not environment friendly person. Sometime when you open door of refrigerator, you sometimes might forget to check whether the door is properly closed or not.  Also, time taken to pick the things from fridge and then eating food at the same time leads to decrease in the life of fridge. Here are some ways where you can go green in kitchen area.

Ways to Go Green in Kitchen.

1. Long term investment in dishwasher

Undoubtedly installation of dishwasher is a long-term investment in kitchen. It will save your time as you would not need to mess up with solid residue from plates before inserting them directly to the dishwasher. Also, it saves 40% water every time you use dishwasher instead of washing out utensils by hand.

2. Choose for low-flow aerator

At the time of washing dishes, efficient way to do so is to install a low-flow aerator that can last for years without affecting the flow of water. Thus it consumes only that amount of water which is required.

3. Switch from plastic to glass containers for dishes and water

Nowadays we consume plastic containers as they are light in weight with high durability. Glass containers are old-fashioned to use but using glass or ceramic containers are eco-friendly as they do not spoil the food.

4. Two dustbins in one kitchen

Always throw biodegradable items in one dustbin and non-biodegradable in another dustbin. Thus, biodegradable waste can easily be recycled.

5. Switch from papers to cloth pieces

To go green in kitchen area, always use cloth piece for any purpose whether to clean up the dish or clean the countertops. Replace of paper tissue from cloth is best option and efficient too. They are cost effective, durable, can easily be used again and best eco-friendly alternative.

6. Install water filtering system

It is not good option to buy always large plastic bottles for drinking purpose. You can also install a water filtering system in your tap and fill up all the water bottles so that they can be consumed whenever need. Most of the people directly drink water from tap without an installation of filtering system. Installation of the filtering system will provide high quality water to drink and remove unpleasant smell from it.

7. Always buy eco-friendly kitchen appliances

Replace the entire range of your kitchen appliances with energy saving appliances that generally use 50% less energy to perform a particular task. You can thus go green with these appliances in your kitchen. Hence it will lower down all your energy expenses and thus saves your money.

8. Not a good option to buy non-stick cookware

It is trendy to buy a non-stick cookware as it helps you in smart cooking. But if you are looking for various efficient methods to save your time and effort then buying a non-stick cookware is bad idea. Instead use regular pans for cooking as they make the food healthy and easy to cook.

9. Use green cleaning products

If you really want to go green in your kitchen area then replace all the products with green cleaning products used in kitchen area. Thus use all no dangerous chemicals that will not pollute the water. For instance, lemon and vinegar is great item to remove all the dirt from the utensils.

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