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6 ways to organize kitchen drawers

A space in your home that gets used more than most other areas and the space where you would most probably spend most of your time in day is the kitchen. And it goes without doubt that a more organized and easily accessible kitchen would make life a lot simpler.

Ways to organize kitchen drawers.

That said, unless it was a house you designed and built your kitchen space may not be modular or have the ideal layout as shown in the advertisements. It doesn’t have to be. What makes a kitchen ideal is in the way it has been organized.

1. Store items by how often they’re used. Arrange your pantry stock, kitchenware and bake ware by how frequently you will use them. The everyday dishes, coffee cups and glasses can be arranged in an easy to reach lower rack while the special items can be kept high up. Likewise, pantry items can be stored similar to organizing a book shelf by grouping items based on category.

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Use a rack or a lazy Susan (a turn able rack) to store oil, salt, pepper and other items most often used for garnishing towards the front and within reach. Store pantry items in labeled, air tight containers to easily find them.

2. Group similar items together so that when you’re looking for something you will know where exactly to look. For example, you can keep all bake ware centralized in one cabinet. Similarly stash your zip lock bags, parchment papers, aluminium foil etc together; stow tools like scissors, tongs, masher etc within easy reach while cooking; arrange your plastic containers together with their tops in the same drawer for easy access. This also brings visual harmony to your kitchen.

3. Have drawer organizers/dividers to neatly organize cutlery and keep them separated so that when you’re looking for one you wouldn’t have to rummage around a lot. Having shelf organizers or mesh shelves stacked inside larger cabinets provides more storage space. You can also install slide out shelf system to easily pick up and store items used more often.

Airy wire baskets or other types can be used to stash items so that open cabinets are clutter free. Tray dividers can also be used to increase cupboard space.

4. Handle the chaos of pot storage by using a pot rack to hang pots and pans to conserve storage space. Use just a handrail and a few hooks and hang them above your stove or under or beside the cabinets to allow for more products to be stored in the drawers.

Alternately, you can also hang tools, measuring spoons and ladles on the back of the cabinet door with something as simple as a cork board or some hooks. Look for hand rails that would handle more weight and you could also just hang them from your ceiling if your kitchen allows it.

5. Use the space under the sink to store cleaning supplies and sponges etc. It is quite important to make the area child proof since these are toxic materials and can be easily accessed by children and pets. You can use a small shelf above your sink to store the sponge that is in use and your dishwashing liquid or bar. Use hooks to hang towels and washing gloves on the back of the cabinet doors.

6. If your kitchen space is small, it is important to make use of every inch available. Use a vertical shelf that extends to the ceiling or look for space between appliances to squeeze in a small shelf.

Use these ingenious organizing solutions to keep your kitchen drawers and cabinets clutter-free.

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