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Baking with an Electric Skillet

Baking with an Electric Skillet featured image
Baking with an Electric Skillet Electric skillets are amazingly versatile kitchen items that can be applied for cookery, serving and baking. For skillet use, they are almost unparalleled in their uses form pancakes to fried chicken. What many may not know is that most electric skillets...

Gray Kitchens Cabinet Designs

Gray Kitchens Cabinet Designs featured image
Let's talk about a gray area that most people might want to avoid speaking about. There's something that your kitchen is missing and it might impact your impression of what neutral tones are all about. It doesn't take '50 Shades of Gray' to understand...

Luxury Kitchen Interior Design Tips

Kitchen Interior Design featured image
It takes a bit of hard work to make the perfect luxury kitchen if you're working on a budget. Obviously, it's much easier when you have limitless amounts of money that make luxury kitchen designs go a lot faster. But for most of us...

Healthy Grilled Foods

Healthy and Tasty Food that can be Grilled The practice of grilling food was invented in the late 1800s and has stayed a staple for years since then. With that being said, what has made grilling the preferred choice for food preparation? Why are all...

How to Tiddy Up a Garage

How to Organize a Garage These days, a garage is more than a storage space for vehicles. It can be the solution to the accumulation of things indoors and can become a workshop as well. However, it's important to resist the temptation to make the place...
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