Gray Kitchens Cabinet Designs

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Let’s talk about a gray area that most people might want to avoid speaking about. There’s something that your kitchen is missing and it might impact your impression of what neutral tones are all about. It doesn’t take ’50 Shades of Gray’ to understand how submission can impact your contemporary kitchen cabinets, but let’s whip into it anyway!
. This earthy, organic neutral is soft and stylish, creating a setting that feels distinctly personal” – Benjamin Moore

How gray kitchen cabinets aren’t just a trend

Despite what your interior designer friend is telling you, gray is a color that we can see in everyday life. The natural hue of marble often reflects the mixture of gray tones, while slate is about as gray as it gets. So why in the world would you want kitchen cabinets to be gray too? Grey is often called in the ‘art world’ a neutral color that’s not inhibiting to the senses. In short, gray makes everything stand out around it.

color shades for gray50 shades of gray

All trending reasons aside, grey is a color that isn’t going to mask the beauty of your kitchen. The shapes, forms, and moldings of cabinets will stand out as a majestic reminder that something is not always set in stone. Grey is an off-set color that gives plenty of light reflection without losing the properties of LUX or Lumen balance. What spoils a gray kitchen is when interior lighting and natural light fail to give your kitchen cabinets a proper presentation.

Why gray is the new black?

dark gray kitchen cabinets

Actually, gray isn’t a new trend at all since it’s been an ongoing trend that has endured many critical viewpoints. One could say that gray is absolutely oppressive and has little to do with kitchen design color. While there is a psychological link to the color gray that piques the interest of many who see something different altogether. According to experts, gray captures our senses in a very unlikely way.

The unlikely blend of gray cabinets among a sea of gray tones will allow you to build up a form of anticipation. This is similar to how filmmakers and writers build up scenes and making situations more exciting. We often look forward to seeing interesting and actively search our field of view for these visual Easter eggs. What you’ll find is open to your imagination and this is especially appreciated by friends and guests that come to your kitchen.

Gray give you a reason to add dominant colors

gray kitchen cabinets with other colors

Any gray kitchen isn’t complete without adding generous splashes of colors all throughout. Gray gives you a unique opportunity to play with color like never before. The reason is simple. Gray kitchen cabinets allow your eyes to be drawn instantly to these objects without much resistance. This makes it more obvious that you’ve placed a melody of flowers in a vase or a bright red Hobart mixer on the countertop.

It can also be added attributes such as colored backsplashes above your kitchen sink and bright hanging lamps that have impressive stand-out colors. Gray kitchens also help you stand out as being a centerpiece of movement. This will be very impressive when you host dinner parties where you’re dressed to impress. Foods including vegetables and fruits also come to life instantly among gray colors and make everything feel full of life.

Grey isn’t just a single color

gray color Country kitchens cabinets

If you thought that gray is one dominant shade, you might be seeing life through colorblind glasses. Just think about the possibilities of bluish-gray colonial colors. There is also the majestic greenish-gray that makes Sage all-the-more rage! By adding subtle colors to any gray tone will instantly give your kitchen more warmth and feeling. Country kitchens will use gray to their advantage invoking memories of a by-gone era.

If you want to help sell this illusion, even more, this is where stressed wooden kitchen cabinets look more authentic. A very light dry-brushing of pale gray brings out the wood texture if you have unfinished surfaces. This is excellent for rough wood cabinets that have recently been refinished. An open wood texture will show off gray without losing the darker and richer colors underneath.

In closing

By now you’ve got a good grasp of what is going on with gray kitchens these days. You might be daring enough to try out some of these ideas for yourself with a gray tone that can beautify your kitchen right away. Just check out your favorite shades that will transform a kitchen into something you can stand behind.