Healthy Grilled Foods


Healthy and Tasty Food that can be Grilled


The practice of grilling food was invented in the late 1800s and has stayed a staple for years since then. With that being said, what has made grilling the preferred choice for food preparation? Why are all celebrities, influencers, and homemakers united on the front that healthy grilled foods are the way to go?

The main reason is the immense health benefits that come with grilling food. The world is slowly coming to terms with the fact that obesity is a concern and a growing threat to mortality rates in most countries.

The concept of healthy living and especially healthy eating are slowly but steadily becoming a way of life. Grilling food ensures that there is minimal consumption of fat (since the excess drips off). It helps make veggies taste better. Lastly, it helps retain nutrients in both meat and vegetables. With all these health benefits in mind, here are foods that can be grilled, which are delicious and healthy at the same time:



Grilling vegetables helps to enhance its flavor by giving it a touch of caramelization along with a smoky flavor. It also helps retain its nutrients, which is a huge win. Grilling is one of the most interesting ways to elevate the taste of fresh produce. Vegetables can either be grilled directly or indirectly (with the help of a grilling pan). No grill? Pick up an indoor style grill for those who live in an apartment or may not have a backyard.

Popular vegetables to grill:

Cabbage: Perfect compliment for a salad and also goes well on its own. Cabbage grills easily, so take care.

Okra: These when grilled with condiments and spices, make for amazing finger food, and serve as a perfect alternative to oily fries.

Tomato: An English breakfast without a grilled tomato is no English breakfast. These need only be grilled lightly to give it a char on one side.

Onions: Grilled onions caramelize (similar to when cooked), and the result is heavenly. These can be practically added into any dish.

Points to note while grilling vegetables:

  • Make sure that the vegetables are cut into proper slices. Too big and they won’t be grilled properly, too thin and they’ll get charred right through.
  • Some vegetables need to be precooked before grilling. Asparagus, potatoes, and carrots are good examples of veggies that need to first simmer in boiling water for a few minutes.
  • Although vegetables require minimum to no marinade, a little bit of oil does not harm and helps grill them better.
  • Similar to how certain shoes only go well with certain pants, some vegetables compliment only some others. Group the veggies so that each requires the same amount of time to grill properly.



Grilling meat has been around since time immemorial (since 1889), and for good reason. Grilling is by far the healthiest way to consume meat. Although the world should preferably move towards a plant-based diet, as long as we are still eating meat, grilling should be the way to go.

Popular meat products to grill:

  • : It is impossible to think about grilling, without thinking about steaks (apologies to all the vegans out there). Steaks are, by far, the best meat to grill. The flavor that steaks contain after a good, even grill is unmatched. And, it’s also healthy. That’s a double win.
  • : Another grilling favorite is the ribs. A plate full of ribs dripping in BBQ sauce is bound to make anyone salivate.
  • : A healthy form of burger consumption is through grilling the patties. Grilling the patties helps remove excess fat, and the resulting product retains all its flavor.
  • . The fact that it is lean meat, and it is grilled, makes for a perfect choice when deciding on the food to grill. Grilled chicken can be added into a salad or eaten on its own.

Points to note while grilling meat:pork chop on grill

  • Unlike vegetables, meat needs to marinated well for the grill to come out well. Make sure to marinate the meat before-hand, so that the spices and flavors infuse into the meat.
  • Preheating the grill to the required temperature helps give the meat a proper sear, and a through cooking, without the drying the insides.
  • Meat tends to stick to the grill. Lightly apply some oil on the surface before placing the meat on the grill. It will help in the cooking of the meat too.