How to Tiddy Up a Garage


How to Organize a Garage


These days, a garage is more than a storage space for vehicles. It can be the solution to the accumulation of things indoors and can become a workshop as well. However, it’s important to┬áresist the temptation to make the place a storehouse full of stacked and unorganized crap. So before running through the recommendations below, be sure to get rid of all the junk you don’t need. The key is to make the garage an efficient place where you can find everything you need, anytime you want, and quickly. Below we leave you with nine hacks to organize a garage and make it functional just like the rest of your home.

  1. Divide the garage into categories and use


The first fundamental organization is to divide the garage into areas according to use. Organize everything by categories, using boxes and identifying them. Once you have everything organized into categories, you need to determine which items you use most often and which items you use sporadically or seasonally. This is an essential step in organizing the garage and ensuring that tidying up will be functional and last for a while.

  1. Invest in transparent containers


Transparent containers are indispensable for ordering and for optimizing times. When you store items in them, you can see their contents without necessarily pulling out. Also, the transparent containers are made of plastic, therefore more resistant than the cartons. Lastly, they are not subject to wear and are easy to clean in case of dust.

  1. Install cabinets


Cabinets are always welcome in any room, especially a garage that acts as a storage space. Cabinets can be used to organize a variety of items, including extraneous documents, sports equipment, and more, by keeping them out of sight. There are several models of cabinets available in materials suitable for conditions found in the garage.

  1. Use vertical space


You have at least two walls that can be used to free the floor. Use grooved panels, racks, hooks, baskets, and bins to organize things like drills, hammers, ski boots, and bikes. Vertical space is much more practical than a series of boxes piled on the ground. Vertical space takes up less space and does not create obstacles in moving inside the garage.

  1. Install shelves


The most practical and effective way to use the walls for storage is to distribute several shelves. However, bear in mind that the shelves must be well fixed to the wall and strong enough to withstand the weight you intend to place on them. Lighter items should be placed on the upper shelves, while heavier items on the lower shelves.

  1. Use of perforated panel


Each garage should have one. The perforated panel allows you to hang each tool on the wall as you wish. It is fully exploitable, practical, and adjustable. In addition to this, it is much easier to transport during a move than a metal locker.

  1. The magnetic bar for tools


If your garage isn’t very spacious, take advantage of magnetic bars. By hanging them on the wall, or even on the workbench, you can place all the suitable tools. This solution is ideal for those with a garage that is not too high to be able to put a large perforated panel.

  1. Use ceiling brackets


If your garage is large and develops well in height, you can take advantage of the space and invest in some ceiling brackets. With these brackets, you can suspend some of your items like a bike, surfboard surf, or suitcases. However, make sure that everything is well packaged, and there is no risk that the supports will give in to the weight of the items.

  1. Throw away what you don’t use


This move is a good reason to tidy up, and consequently, objects that were thought to be missing will pop out. In a garage, space optimization is very important. If you have found objects that you no longer use, or old or still not working, throw them away. You will create new space for new objects for your garage.


Using the ideas mentioned above, you can get convenient and functional garage storage, where you can have what you need anytime. Don’t make this space of your home just a place to park your car. Make the most of all its many potentials. Keep your belongings safe by doing some regular tidying up and keeping away pests.