Time Saving Kitchen Hacks You Need to Know

Time saving Kitchen Hacks One Need to Know
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Even if you really do love your cooking, after a long work day, you would rather spend some time with your family than slogging off at the stove top. Thankfully, it is possible to manage the madness and cook and clean easier and faster just by following a few hacks.

And in due course, we assure you that these tricks will become second nature to you and you will be in and out of the kitchen in no time.

1. Let’s begin with shopping first. With today’s hectic lifestyle, if you have the commitment of buying your groceries and vegetables everyday it is going to be a headache. Spend an hour or two in the weekend; plan your weekly menu and shopping list and stock for the week ahead. You will see it’s a real time-saver.

2. To Peel fruits and vegetables faster:

  • Picking out pomegranate seeds individually might seem like a chore and no doubt takes more time than you seem to have. Instead, cut the fruit in half and make it into two. Take one half, hold the cut side down facing a bowl and whack the skin with a ladle. The seeds pop out in seconds.
  • When dicing a mango, first cut it in half and cut grids into both the halves. Now invert the halves and cut the cubes out.
  • To peel garlic easily, use the flat side of your knife to smash it. This makes the peel break apart and easy to remove.
  • To peel potatoes easily, boil them and dunk them in cold water. The skin would come off in seconds and can be easily removed using hands.

3. You could save your cooking time drastically by multitasking, that is, if you have a four burner stove use all four burners simultaneously to make less time of your dishes.

4. Cut down on the dishes to be washed by using foil and parchment paper to your bowls and baking pans while using a microwave. Use it as a pan liner and save yourself the job of washing the pan.

5. Clean dirty pots and pans easily by pouring water in them and pouring water while still hot keeps the stubborn debris from sticking to the pan. You won’t have to scrub your life out later. And another useful hack is to clean as you go.

Wipe your counters and stove tops while still cooking and while your dish cooks, rinse and wash dishes as much as possible. By the time you serve you will have fewer dishes to clean afterward.

6. To prevent liquids (water, milk, soup) from boiling over the pot, rest a wooden spoon across the pan, leave a ladle inside the pan or put a small plate inside the bottom.

7. Here are a few egg hacks:

  • Remove egg shells easily and separate egg yolk and white by just making your fingers wet.
  • You can also use the cracked egg shell to easily scoop other egg shell fragments lying about.
  • Also, easily scramble an egg by whisking it in a microwave safe mug and microwaving for 45 seconds. Your scrambled eggs are ready!

8. Speed up ripening of your fruits by tossing them in a paper bag. The concentrated ethylene makes them ripe faster.

9. Save cut vegetables or fruits from browning by simply covering them with cold water until cooking.

10. Have difficulty extracting juice from lemons? Try taking them out way before you cook or place them in warm water or microwave a few seconds and then try.